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What Is WebSocket?

The WebSocket protocol is a web technology, introduced by HTML5, providing full-duplex communications channels over a single and persistent TCP connection. The ability to push a signal as quickly as possible makes WebSocket one of the many solutions to create real-time applications on both web and mobile.

WebSocket is implemented in several web browsers, web servers and run-time environments like:

Why WebSocket Load Testing?

With innovative technologies like WebSocket, there are many new challenges to address. If you're developing or deploying applications in this fresh environment, you need to think about load testing in new ways. There are a lot of operational issues developers may run into when using WebSocket as their real-time solution.

Load tests help you estimate the behavior of your real-time application under load. However, if you think you can't load test your environment, you're going to have some surprises when you go live.

The conventional approach to load testing requires you to write scripts and perform tests. You need to define test cases to represent various user activities. Next, you must estimate the distribution of users across these test cases. Finally, you have to analyze the test results which is both the most important and the most difficult part of performance testing process.

Load testing, consisting of scalability, stability, and performance testing, is the only way to uncover major problems inherent in the architecture.

Recommended Tool

NeoLoad is a performance testing tool that provides with WebSocket testing capability.

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