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Web Services

A Web Service is a service accessed via Web. Web Service is a way to publish your application over web and enable other applications to access functions defined by your web service. Web services exposes an interface defined in Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Other applications can interact with Web service using the description provided using its WSDL interface. The protocol used to interact with Web Services is Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol to let applications exchange information over HTTP.

Why SOAP Load Testing?

Web Services are tested for throughput, efficiency, and response simulating real-world conditions. A well designed load testing strategy can simulate real-world load and performance scenarios with minimal hassle and cost. User loads and network conditions of varying nature can be effortlessly created and replicated. Testing can be undertaken till the output charts show a performance range considered acceptable for an application of its nature. Load testing results can hence be taken as a strong indicator of application performance in actual business environments.

Web Services with high response time and poor performance can lead to unsatisfied users. Web Service Load Testing helps in identifying the performance problems before you deploy your web service for end users. Web Services Load Testing helps you design and simulate usage traffic which can be used to test your Web Service infrastructure for performance, reliability and scalability.

Load Testing of Web Services involves testing the performance and scalability of your Web Services with varying user load. Web Services Load testing involves simulating real-life user load for the target Web Services. It helps you determine how your Web Service behaves when multiple users hits it simultaneously.

Recommended Tool

NeoLoad is a performance testing tool which supports SOAP technology testing of applications.

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