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IBM Maximo Asset Management

Successful organizations adapt to change by improving their operations and enabling flexibility and agility. And asset management can be a significant factor in their success.
IBM Maximo Asset Management provides insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control. Now you can optimize the performance of your assets and maximize return on investment.

Why Maximo Load Testing?

The facts:

  • 90% of business users are impacted by slow application performance at least occasionally
  • 20% of consumers will either give up on a transaction or try a competitor's website

Every Maximo system is unique, making it difficult to predict how it will perform. The larger and more complex the deployment of IBM Maximo, the more challenging it is to keep Maximo performing well for end-users. System performance under load and stress is an area of significant risk for projects.

Testing Maximo performance effectively requires the tester to create virtual users who behave just like real Maximo users would in the real-world. Because Maximo is an interactive application, the end-user who uses Maximo from a browser expects response from the server to be immediate, or nearly so.

Maximo Application Performance Testing includes these steps:

  • Understand the Maximo system configuration and architecture
  • Develop load test scripts and scenarios
  • Execute the Maximo load test scenarios
  • Review load testing results and recommend system tuning

Recommended Tool

NeoLoad is a performance testing tool which supports IBM Maximo testing of applications.

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