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All the load testing tools that can help a website or intranet application developer to ensure good performance and no crash under stress.


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What is Web load testing? What is Web Load Testing?

Recently added:

New NeoLoad 5.1 - Neotys released a new version of the NeoLoad software. The latest version has the following new features:

  • Mac OS X Controller
  • Hessian Web Services
  • Improved GWT & Documentum Support
  • Java Message Service (JMS)
  • Improved WebSockets Support
  • Browser & Device Metrics Under Load
  • Extend Virtual User Behavior
  • Improved Advanced Action Framework
  • New Bundled Advanced Actions & Launchers
  • Enhanced Analysis

Small Projects targeted load testing tools:

Apache Bench - tool provided in the distribution of Apache. It makes it possible to test the performances of any server by specifying a number of requests to send to the web server with a concurrency level (simultaneity of the requests).

Httpperf - tool similar to Apache Bench. It is necessary to specify the server name, the document name, and the number of requests. Then it loads the server with the requests.

OpenLoad - This is a sourceforge project that aims to provide a tool for load testing web applications. The goal is a tool that is easy to use and provides near real-time performance measurements of the application under test which is very usefull during optimization.

Mid-range Projects targeted load testing tools:

NeoLoad - Load Testing Tool for Web Applications provided by Neotys. Simulates hundreds of users to answer these questions: how many users does my website handle? Will my site crash under load? What are the response times? Easy to use, no scripting required but can design advanced scenarios.

Major Projects targeted load testing tools:

LoadRunner - the industry-standard performance testing product for predicting webserver behavior and performance by Mercury. Using limited hardware resources, LoadRunner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of real-life user loads.

forecastweb - It tests web servers and web applications ensuring they can adequately handle expected loads and patterns of use. The vendor is Facilita witch provides load testing solutions across the enterprise and throughout the development life-cycle.

E-Load - Web load testing solution by Empirix that enables you to easily and accurately test the scalability and performance of your Web applications. Companies use this automated software load testing tool to predict how well their Web applications will handle user load. It can be used during web application development and post-deployment to conduct stress testing.

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